How to automatically disable a Webflow button or input

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Bjorn Krols

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21 December 2021

At times, you may want the submit button of a Webflow form to be disabled until the user has performed a certain action.

This brief post explains how to automatically disable a Webflow button or input.

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We will be interacting with the HTML code Webflow generates for its forms, which looks approximately like this (abridged):

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <form data-name="Email Form">
      <input type="text" id="name" />
      <input type="email" id="email" />
      <input type="checkbox" id="terms" />
      <input type="submit" value="Submit" />
  1. Find the name of your form.
  2. Copy-paste the following code into your page's Before body tag Custom Code section:
  // 1. Find the form
  var form = $('form[data-name="Email Form"]'); // <- Replace "Email Form" with your form name
  // 2. Find the submit button and disable it
  var submitButton = form.find("input[type=submit]");
  submitButton.prop("disabled", true);
  // 3. Find the terms checkbox
  var termsCheckbox = form.find($("#terms")); // <- Replace "#terms" with your checkbox id (keep the #)
  termsCheckbox.change(function () {
    //  4. Enable the submit button when the checkbox is checked
    if ($(this).is(":checked")) {
      submitButton.prop("disabled", false);
    } else {
      //  5. Disable the submit button when the checkbox is checked
      submitButton.prop("disabled", true);

Note: we are using jQuery because Webflow includes it by default, and its usage has been widely adopted by the Webflow community.

Don't forget to save and publish your page.

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