How to start a local MySQL database with Docker

Bjorn Krolsavatar

Bjorn Krols

Published on
09 September 2022

Basic setup


version: "3"
    image: "mysql"
    container_name: "mysql"
      - MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=shhhht
      - MYSQL_DATABASE=project
      - 3306:3306

Note: the MYSQL_DATABASE variable allows you to specify the name of a database to be created on image startup.

Interacting with the service

To start the service:

docker compose up -d

To stop the service:

docker compose down

Working with the MySQL shell

To access the shell:

docker exec -it mysql mysql --user=root --password=shhhht
  • docker exec -it - run a command to a running container
  • mysql - the container name
  • mysql - the command
  • --user=root - the user
  • --password=shhhht - the password

To exit the shell:


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